Webinar “How to Texture Your Dragon”!

Posted by arki3d on Jul 10, 2014 in Events

Hosted by 3D Art Direct: New Webinar in August for those who are interested how to combine traditional art with 3D. The two of them do not have to be exclusive.
Or do you want to get a peek behind the scenes of the OceanQueen texture creation?

Get more details here.



With best wishes from your flight attendants!

Posted by arki3d on Jul 5, 2014 in General, Newsletter, Poser

It is done, and one of my biggest releases is out:
The OceanQueen and associated releases.
The dragon figures comes with a ton of addons like riding outfits for Victoria 4 and Michael 4, riding harness and saddle and… a freebie!

Together with the lovely and fantastic Secretheart and Varnayrah I present you a bundle of joy and adventure!

See the clickable product thumbnails below for our host of products!

BigSwarm_bundleTH OQtop Harness2TH
 The OceanQueen Megabundle  The OceanQueen  DragonGear Harness and Saddle
bluerider01TH redrider01TH FreebieTH
 DragonGear for V4  DragonGear for M4  DragonGear riding straps freebie


   Dragon Rider by Varnayrah


KOB_bundleTH KOBeast_V4 KOB_MTN
 Keeper of Beasts Bundle
by Secretheart
 Keper of Beasts for V4
by Secretheart
 Keeper of Beasts for M4
by Secretheart

News like these – plus the additional freebie – can be found in my newsletter. Feel free to subscribe!


Dragon alert!

Posted by arki3d on Jun 29, 2014 in Poser, Sketchfab, Sneak Peek

[post updated on July 4, 2014]

She’s finally here, my OceanQueen. The first dragon with eyelashes!

This view of the reduced model on Sketchfab shows the Big Lady with a few of her accessories (headcrest, legspurs, backsail, two different types of neckmane and headtips).
Shown is her blue jeweled and pattern texture set.


Sketchfab: The Pod

Posted by arki3d on Jun 24, 2014 in Poser, Sketchfab

Sketchfab view of an older model of mine (reduced in MeshLab).
This is the main pod element of my scenario set “The Pod”.

I plan to show a few more Sketchfab models in this blog, so this is a first experiment.


… soon …

Posted by arki3d on Jun 24, 2014 in Poser, Sneak Peek

Runtime DNA is undergoing some maintenance at the moment, but should be back with a grand reopening soon.
And I want to take advantage of this rebirth to present …

... soon ...

Stay put, more to come soon!


Of DragonEggs and other things …

Posted by arki3d on May 31, 2014 in General, Poser

You can see the newest addition in my showcase gallery.
Or, if you prefer it more up close and personal, visit them here. The eggs can be used together with the freebie base found here.

And on a (not unimportant) side note: My DragonKeeper products enter their last day of sale today. So if you want to get them or their addons by my lovely affiliates Spiritfoxy and Varnayrah, NOW is the time!


Newsletter live!

Posted by arki3d on May 31, 2014 in Newsletter, Poser

So, the first issue just went out, and I managed to squeeze in a small freebie from my latest texture works on a recent project (I will say no more than DRAGONS!). Yep, more dragon projects on the way. I am afraid they will be coming out of my ears soon …

Anyway, since the newsletter still is very new to me, feel free to leave suggestions, feedback, etc about it. That is, if you are already a subscriber. If not, you might want to take a closer look here.

Have a great weekend!


Got trailer!

Posted by arki3d on May 20, 2014 in Animation, Poser, Youtube

After a few days of rendering, nudging and editing here it is: my first small animation with my own Poser content.


Newsletter …

Posted by arki3d on May 17, 2014 in Newsletter, Poser

I plan on sending out a monthly newsletter about my products, projects in the works, WIPs, sneak peeks, etc.If you are interested you can subscribe below. I expect to send out the first issue by end of this month.

Please enter your full first name if you want to be correctly addressed by name in the newsletter. Initials will stay just that – intials! :D

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